Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I'm on a stage, standing in the spotlight,
all confident, my face shining bright.
bit nervous to open my eyes,
I'll see the huge audience, and hear there cries.
I'll open my eyes and perform the best,
but for now, let me soak the light.

Thursday, June 4, 2009


I always crave for a life like that...
A life like a nomad...

Earn and spend on travels,
on your machine and gas
keep it clean,
go to places seen and un-seen
meet people, live their lives,
buy souvenirs, buy some knives
would this life be so bad
life like a nomad..

get a bike and get a rack
get some chords and get a bag-pack
see the compass, roll the maps
pick the camera to catch some snaps
get on the leathers, leave the feathers

get rough, get tough, get ready to ride
your worries and weakness, keep everything at side
get out of the garage and start rolling
take your bike out for some strolling
would this life be so bad
life like a nomad..

you may decide, you may not decide
on what place to go on your ride
you see the places you haven't seen
you go to places no one has ever been

enjoy the weather and the roads
see the nature and forget your loads
you return home as a conqueror
you are the rider you are the traveler
would this life be so bad
life like a nomad..

you get a tattoo every time you return
ink and needle and let it churn
get small tattoos to leave some space
as more rides are there in ways
would this life be so bad
life like a nomad...


we believe in going our own way
no matter which way the rest of the world is going

we believe in bugging the system that's built
to smash individuals like bugs on the windshield.

some of us believe in the man upstairs,
all of us believe in sticking it to the man down here.

we believe in sky but we don't believe in sunroof
we believe in freedom

we believe in dust, tumbleweed,mountain ranges and riding off into the sunset
we believe in saddlebags and we believe that the cowboys had it right

we believe in refusing to knuckle under anyone

we believe in wearing black because it doesn't show any dirt or weakness

we believe that if the world is going soft that we're not going along with it

we believe in motorcycle rallies that last a week
we believe in roadside attractions, gas stations, hot dogs
and finding out whats over the next hill

we believe in rumbling engines distances the size of garbage cans

fuel tanks designed in 1936
freight train size headlights
chrome and custom paint

we believe in flames and skulls

we believe life is what you make it
and we make it one hell of a ride

we believe in the machine that you sit on can tell the world exactly where you stand

we don't care what everyone else believes
amen .......

courtesy; Harley Davidson Ad

Monday, January 19, 2009


Fantasy, day dreaming, false impression....
These are the dictionary meanings. But to me illusion is a state of mind we create for our selves when we dont get what we want. We convince our selves that everything is in our favour, even if it faces an entirely different direction. We fail to see the wide truth which is right in front of our eyes, just because our eyes are curtained by what we call illusion. When this curtain is removed, it hurts to see the brightness outside. But its better to see the outside world with open windows that to peep from behind the curtains.
At first the eyes are blinded by the bright light but then we thank God for showing us the more beautiful world created by The Almighty rather than living in a self created walled world.....

Saturday, January 17, 2009

BeaUtiFul WoRLd...

The colors of nature...
bright, vibrant and lively....
Life is a paradise for those who love many things with a passion...

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